You Haven’t Enjoyed Online Poker until You Use Indonesian Poker APK Haven’t Enjoyed Online Poker until You Use Indonesian Poker APK. I have been longing and yearning to play poker after hearing stories of exploits from my friends. Honestly, I would contribute to the accounts they were having from what I had gathered from other friends so that I would look tough, knowledgeable and fit in the group. But I was all a scam, living a lie and it killed me to know my friends are out there enjoying themselves while I was sharing their stories. One day I decided not to succumb to the embarrassment and asked my closest friend who was already pocketing lots of cash by playing poker. He couldn’t conceal the shock and astonishment but the innocent look that I wore made him pity me, and he told me, “Buddy, go to and have an experience like no other.”


What I gathered

I was happy, felt relieved and fulfilled, but I wasn’t sure he told me the right thing. All I knew about poker was that it was played in casino clubs where there were age limits, some level of restrictions on participation. Also, him giving me a website address confused me a lot. I eventually got lost, but later I searched for the website, and my friend was right. I was about to embark on a journey of fulfilling my all-time fantasy right in the comfort of my bedroom and computer. From the reviews on the website, I could tell that score88poker already had a name for itself. It is right here in Indonesia, and subscribers and users were showering it with praises. One person described it as a trusted, reliable, convenient, affordable and genuine poker agent dealing with real money. This platform was offering interesting online poker games and a variety of other casino games such as Capsa Susun, Blackjack, Domino Qiu Qiu and Ceme Online and Omaha.

Inventions surrounding Indonesian Poker

s I was feeling excited, something caught my eye, and this was none other than the Indonesian poker APK. It was getting even more exciting and interesting that there is a mobile application available to play the games. According to this website, I can play online soccer on my smartphone by just downloading and installing the app. The app not only makes the game easily accessible but players enjoy the easiness while playing poker online. The reasons for this are quite obvious, and they include:

  • A cell phone is easy to carry anywhere compared to desktops which are large and heavy, hence, difficult to have them wherever you go.
  • While playing the games using a cell phone, you can use a posture of your convenience such as sleeping, standing while leaning on a wall, while walking in a park, taking a stroll.

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